Meet The Team!

Current Members

Jonathan Ahnert

Jonathan Ahnert – Designer

I look to create games that work towards large scale societal impact. I bring all of my life practices into my problem solving process – my involvement in the Swing and Blues dance communities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh being perhaps the most prominent. Listening to both the music and your partner rewards creativity and playfulness, while fostering body awareness and musicality.

Cory Bergquist

Cory Bergquist – Programmer

Kai-Lin Chuang

Kai-Lin Chuang – Animator

Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen – Producer

Dylan Yates

Dylan Yates – Programmer

Retired Members

Ryan Daugherty

Ryan Daugherty – Programmer

Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez – Texture Artist

Desiree Lim

Desiree Lim – Concept Artist

Alex Olivares

Alex Olivares – Marketing/Audio

Henderson Yan

Henderson Yan – Concept Artist

Special Mentions

Stefan Rank

Stefan Rank – Digital Media Advisor

Jeff Salvage

Jeff Salvage – Computer Science Advisor